Eagle Creek Dry Storage Basin

Eagle Creek Dry Storage Basin

The proposed Eagle Creek Dry Storage Basin will be located in Eagle Township South of Township Road 80, North of County Road 45 and East of Township Road 76. Designs are currently underway to build a dry basin which would fill with water when the flow in Eagle Creek exceeds 1,000 cubic feet per second (approximately bank full). Floodwaters that exceed 1,000 cfs will held in the basin until the flow falls below 1,000 cfs and then will slowly be released into the creek.

This project is expected to lower flood levels in downtown Findlay by 1.5 ft in a 100-year storm event.

The benefit-cost ratio (BCR) is determined by dividing the present value of total estimated economic benefits by the present value of estimated costs of the recommended improvements. The ratio of benefits to costs must exceed 1.0 to be considered for advancement under Ohio Conservancy Law.

The benefit cost ratio of this project was calculated to be $2.20: $1 at the time of concept evaluation.

The projected construction cost is $60 Million without contingency an annual operations and maintenance expense of $100,000. The MWCD has received $30 Million dollars toward the project from the State of Ohio. The MWCD and local leaders are working with the State to secure the additional $30 million needed to complete the project.

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